The Bass Kandi girls with GAMMER!

I was finally able to make it to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this year and got this great shot with my friend Mary from her boyfriend Sam from STB Photography :D I made my entire outfit with bought accessories and I also made Mary’s outfit as well :D 

Tonight’s Hard Dance theme is Cotton Candy!! Usually we don’t wear fluffies since it’s usually associated with strippers or bikini-clad rave girls, but with the Camels underneath it seemed to have a nice cotton candy vibe to it

Connor is not only one of my closest and oldest friend’s in the scene but he’s also a sort of mascot for Bass Kandi XD I’m so glad he had this sign and we were able to snap this awesome shot!


don’t mind me, just freaking out a bit. It’s literally so hard for me to type right now. I’m waiting for a call between 3-3:30. I really need this job. gahhhh why nerves do you kill me. my heart

Today was actually really nice

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env0 asked:
Hey we were "friends" in middle school. Sheesh how could you forget the VampireFreaks days. We got in trouble together with RJ, and oh man I can't remember her real name just her username was Miss Understood. At the least, I knew you in middle school. Hahaha <3 besides the point however. Love you Kime!!

Ahh sorry!!! You are right all mighty Chris :P WELL I STILL LOVE YOU POOPY FACE


I realize how rather ridiclous my room looks now that It is almost all in one picture. I mean there is A LOT more on the others walls but still holy wow.

lawlz I love this man XD We&#8217;ve been friends since high school~ Go follow him!

Finished the top and the underbust cincher for my next cosplay! Can anyone guess who I&#8217;ll be??