Hello :3

Stocking Cosplay. Anime Central 2014Photo Credit: Jason Simpson

Stocking Cosplay. Anime Central 2014Photo Credit: Jason Simpson

Stocking Cosplay. Anime Central 2014


I will be at Anime Central 2014!! I will be all dressed up in my cosplay, running around, having a blast and would LOVE to meet you :D Come say hi if you seen me <3


pixel-digits asked:
Kime you're so beautiful! <3 I love your style and I'm getting into it myself. Any recommendations for someone who has curly/knotty hair like me? Is the installation process the same or is there anything special I should watch for? O.o

Sadly I have no idea, my hair is super fine and straight. But I’ve never heard of any problems and I know I’ve made dreads and sent them to customers with hair that is curly like yours and I’ve never had any problems or complaints, so I say just go about it as you would~

deadnymphs asked:
psychara0x on youtube madea syndreads tag! you should do it :)

I’m going to! I just wanted to make sure I put some dreads in for it lol

cryingmelons asked:
ok, so i am really interested in buying some platform boots (like the ones you where to your gogo shows and stuff) ,but they would be my first pair. For a beginner, where do you think i should start style/shop wise?

For the Camel 311’s which are standard required gogo boots the best you can do is just dive right in because there really are no shoes like them that you can kinda cozy up with. They actually aren’t too bad, they seem intimidating in terms of height but the weight they have on the bottom helps keep your feet down while dancing so you are less likely to lose footing~ I say go for it! I buy mine from gogodancesupply online

koastudio asked:
hiya cutiepie! I've been watching your dreads tuts for a while now, what steamer do you use? I just got one today but it doesn't seem strong enough to go all the way through the hair. :< I've tried the straightener method too and the dreads became really messy and tangled after 2 weeks of wear.

I use the Rowenta Ultra Steam from Target. It’s handheld and kinda on the lower end of steamers but it gets the job done for me and I love it

mygypsyeyes asked:
Any tips for single loop synthetic dreads? I just ordered some!

Take care of the loops, sometimes the hair right around won’t be sealed as well because it’s tough to get that backcombed so make sure to not throw them around by the loops lol