The Bass Kandi girls at DJ Spree last night :D We all looked so good, and our outfits were SUPER UV Reactive, it was AWESOME XDBottom Row (from left): Tricky, Sprite (me), Astrogirl Skywalker, Meela Morningstar.Top Row (from left): Sparkle, $h0rty & Miss Space Cadet 

Dancing for DJ Spree last night~ Thanks to my fellow Bass Kandi girl, Tricky, for this gorgeous shot! 

Outfit fot GoGo Dancing for DJ SPREE! 

This might be one of my favorite outfits! And my boyfriend has been telling me to do my hair like this since we started dating (over 2 years ago) and I finally did it and I LOVE IT!!

I’m so excited for DJ Spree!!

I’m pretty sure all my gogo outfits are held together solely by hot glue

freyamaat asked:
Kime!!!! Hello love! How has life been? Minus the photography thing. I will gladly beat the shit out of someone. Fucking rude.

Yeah besides my hunt for a career, everything is gewd lol How have you been? Do you like your dreads??

I just wanna work on my cosplay wahhhhhhhhh

blueberry-dragons asked:
You are one talented, gifted and beautiful woman :) Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Also love your youtube vids btw :) I'll be installing black and blonde dreads soon :) Will sure upload pictures :) xx

Awe thank you so much <3 I can’t wait to see your dreads installed :D 

I always feel really good going into a show that I gogo dance at, and then for a few days afterwards I feel like I did a terrible job and danced off beat or looked dumb or something…ugh.